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Yabba Dabba Doo (Wekruneflo) (2013) 13+4 Jon2

Yardley Baroque (Beayar) (1997) (h) 4 Bls1

Yellow Castle see: Summer Gold

Yellow Cover see Sparkling

Yellow Yellow Dagmar Hastrup (Moryelrug) (1988) (r) 3 Apu2 Bls1 Cra1 Pou1 Buy this Rose at Pounsley Plants Rog2 Buy this Rose at R. V. Roger Ltd Wht2 Buy this Rose at Trevor White Old Fashioned Roses

Yellow Doll (1962) (m) 3 Coc3 Cpn4 Dal3 Gdy3 Gfn4

Yellow Maman Cochet see: Alex Hill Gray Yellow Mutabilis (Beayel) (2010) (s) 2/3 Bls1

Yellow Patio (?) (m) 3 Ayl1 Rum2 Str2 Wha4 Wyc1 * Quarter Standard Rum2 Patio Standard Str2 Wha4 Miniature Standard Fry2

Yellow Rambler see: Aglaia Yellowstone see: Summer Gold Yellow Sweet Dream (?) (m/p) 3 Bay2


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- Very fragrant, or exceptional fragrance
- Fragrant, a definate fragrance
- Scented, a moderage fragrance
- There is no evidence that there is any discerable fragrance
- Research so far undertaken has not revealed what fragrance if any, these vararieties have.

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