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This website is based on the variety nursery section of the 34th Annual Publication Find That Rose.Please see section on how to use the site. If you would like to purchase the full book then see coupon on the site

It is very sad to see even more Growers have disappeared. The loss of two major wholesalers in John Woods (trading as Mattocks) and Gregory Roses (who also supplied direct to the public) is a reflection of the annual reduction of roses being produced in the U.K. The industry keeps on changing with more and more “Growers” supplying the general public who have their crop produced party or wholly by major wholesalers. Four or five of the firms listed
in this Edition are not Growers by nature but stock a wide range of varieties, which do not necessarily come from one source. Fortunately these stockiest have good husbandry and are worthy of inclusion in Find That Rose. They are not your average Garden Centre where in many cases roses are not widely
featured, or well looked after. There is certainly, refreshingly a concerted effort by the wholesale trade supplying Garden Centres to help the Garden Centres look after the plants better than in the past. Selection is normally limited, so where possible please do help the retail Growers/stockiest listed in Find That Rose by supporting them.

I am often asked about the future of Find That Rose! It will be a sad day when it ceases having been the first of the U.K. “plant finder books”. However I am not getting any younger and unless Growers continue to want it probably only has a limited future. For this reason I have not included on the ordering coupon the
facility to order the next Edition. I certainly hope this is not the last one; as equally that would see the end of the website. I still get very frustrated about sites saying they can find a variety, only to find that all they are doing is no more than listing varieties old and new. There is no doubt hundreds listed are no longer in commerce or not available in the U.K. These sites give false hope to people seeking to find a historic, or sentimental named rose. That is one of the reason I went to the expense of putting Find That Rose (variety/Grower section) on the web. It has cost me in sales of the book but gives me the satisfaction of helping more people to find an elusive variety that means a lot to them.

I hope that this will not be the last Edition of Find That Rose. It has been part of my life for as you can see 34 years. It is costly to produce and I have pubsidised it for many years. My Accountant has asked me if my aim to make a profit! It would be nice but it is a labour of love!

Finally, there is a rose with a suitable name for a gift for every occasion. What nicer than a Gift of a Rose!

The Book Find That Rose is designed to:

Help you find the rose of your choice
To help you contact specialist Rose Growers and suppliers
Discover who supplies roses mail order
Advise you which rose growers export
Help retailers and local authorities find a wholesale grower

Details of the 34th Edition of Find That Rose…. the book:

Listing approx.  3,580 varieties available in the UK Approximately 140 new varieties listed in the 34th Edition.
40 growers/suppliers featured.
32nd Edition - Dates of Variety Introductions.
Help in tracing a variety with a particular Christian name, or one for a special event.
Details on where you can see roses in bloom this summer.

Some articles down "Memory Lane"
All this and a Rose Discount voucher towards purchases of roses from select members.

Information on Growers who give discount to Royal National Rose Society Members
To get the full pictures… i.e. the Book Find That Rose see request a Brochure

Also available is a download, see order coupon

Enjoy our 34th edition of Find That Rose!

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